The historic Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA) was signed in 1997. It is an Agreement about land use and benefit-sharing between four Native Title Groups, the Mining Company developing Century Mine and the State of Queensland. Every five (5) years there is a review of the provisions of the GCA and the way it is being implemented. The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) has prepared the 15-year Review Report. It will most likely be the last before zinc production at Century Mine is completed (estimated to be in 2016). The review draws on extensive community consultations, a survey of Indigenous employees and interviews with local business operators as well as government information to assess performance with respect to the goals and aspirations held by the Native Title Groups in association with mining on their land. These relate to economic participation, protection of land and environment, access to traditional land and pastoral leases, maintaining Aboriginal sites and cultural heritage and improvements in overall community and social welfare. It also examines the performance of the complex collection of bodies with respect to functions, life span, membership and lines of accountability that were established to implement the GCA.

Publisher: Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining

Region: Australia

Type: Report


Everingham, J., Barnes, R., Brereton, D. (2014) Gulf Communities Agreement - 15 Year Review. Report, CSRM: Brisbane.

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Gulf Communities Agreement - 15 Year Review

Gulf Communities Agreement - 15 Year Review