This project will enable industry, governments and researchers to understand ‘net optimisation’ of post closure value – where both risk and opportunity are considered.  It considers the feasibility and possibilities of post-mining outcomes in a regional, national and global context, and examines the ‘do-ability’ of different repurposing options.  It will set out the framework that enables more detailed research projects that follow and it will determine the collaborations required to implement beneficial outcomes across major mining regions.
The project has a strong focus on understanding the impact of governance and socio-economic issues and how they impact the re-purposing of mines. Importantly, the project does not seek to establish ‘good’ or ‘bad’ options for mine repurposing, instead it provides evidence on the available options and their appropriateness given varying contexts, groups of stakeholders and operational situations.  This project will set out the foundations for a further, more detailed program of work – establishing the most productive lines of enquiry, reviewing the existing evidence base, identifying priorities and establishing productive collaborations between researchers and end users.

Language: English

Publisher: CRC TiME Limited

Region: Australia

Type: Article


Beer, A., Haslam-McKenzie, F., Weller, S., Davies, A., Cote, C., Ziemski, M., Holmes, K. and Keenan, J. (2022). Post-mining land uses. CRC TiME Limited, Perth, Australia.

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Post-mining land uses

Post-mining land uses