This concept note is about the ‘screening’ of social incidents within the global mining industry. In this context, ‘screening’ refers to a preliminary step when an incident is assessed as to whether it warrants investigation. Identifying, investigating, and addressed social incidents in mining falls within the field of ‘risk management’. Social incidents are often ‘screened out’ of investigation and risk management processes because they are not considered to be significant to the business. In doing so, mining companies are missing opportunities for corrective action and remedy.

This concept note provides a rationale for improving social risk management, and a schematic for orientating the screening process so that significant incidents involving local communities and project-affected people are investigated and prioritised for learning.

Investigative processes, which include techniques that range from fact-finding, other forms of evidence gathering and analysis, help to understand the conditions and causality of an incident. When learnings are incorporated into planning processes, investigation findings can be used to avoid future harm.

Language: English

Region: Global

Type: Occasional Paper


Owen, J., Kemp, D., Lèbre, E. and Kung, A. (2019) A process for screening social incidents in the global mining industry: a concept note. Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland: Brisbane.

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Screening social incidents in the global mining industry

Screening social incidents in the global mining industry