The Community Development and Engagement Courses in the Graduate Certificate of Community Relations (Resource Sector) aim to facilitate a transformation in the community relations practice of the participants and ultimately to support a shift to emergent community relations practice within the resources industry. This paper outlines the approach taken to the design and delivery of the courses to enable this transformation. The feedback from students during the courses and formal evaluations has indicated that for many students the courses have been instrumental in changing their approach to the community and to their role in the company. This paper examines the factors underpinning the success of the programme as well some of the key learnings and changes to the curriculum made in response to student feedback. The key design elements of the programme include robust and supportive group and individual dialogue; integration of theory and practice and attention

Publisher: SR Mining 2011


Bourke, P. & Clark, P. 2011. Training for Transformation. SR Mining 2011

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Training for Transformation

Training for Transformation