Issues around water - its quality, use, availability and environmental value - can be a major point of tension between mineral projects and local communities. Failure to manage these issues appropriately can jeopardise the obtaining of regulatory approvals for new projects and place at risk the 'social licence to operate' of existing operations. Conversely, there may also be significant opportunities for companies to engage constructively with communities over water issues and to make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of these communities. Using case studies, this paper will explore the various types of social risks and opportunities associated with water and mineral resource development and identify key learnings relating to the management of these issues.

Publisher: Water in Mining 2006 Conference, 14-16 November, Brisbane


Brereton, D. & Parmenter, J. 2006. Water, Communities and Mineral Resource Development

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Water, communities and mineral resource development

Water, communities and mineral resource development